My WHY is a Miracle and loves Ice Hockey & Nascar!

This is Colton! He’s 7 and LOVES ice hockey. ๐Ÿ’ย 

We are a BIG football loving ๐Ÿˆ family so where this obsession with ice hockey came in…we have NO idea.

Colton…the biggest “why” to my daily life!

 Colton is our miracle child who has kept me on my toes since the first OB scan. 

We were told we may never have a healthy, living child. Then we were told he would be developmentally behind. I felt totally out of control with all the information that was given to us in the early days of being a new mother.  But I NEVER lost the faith that maybe just maybe he would be ok!

The one thing I could control was reading to Colton and I DID! We even read to him before he was born! 

ย But wow, Colton has still proven all the doctors wrong. He is a THRIVING seven-year-old who is wiser beyond his years and has the most perseverance I have ever seen. Over the years, I have documented many of my favorite conversations with Colton which I am going to continue to share with you- to bring light into your day, for a giggle, or sometimes to receive the wisdom of a child. ย One thing is for sure: All of the FEAR, FAITH AND DOUBT that got us to this moment was 100% worth it! Stay tuned for more!

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