Faith, Skydiving and Stories from a BAD A$$ chick-What a combo!

What does Faith, Skydiving and Stories from ME (I’m the bad a$$ chick 😂) Have in common? 

Honestly I don’t know 😂 but what I do know is that faith and skydiving have a LOT in common and stories with Colton, told by ME (his mama) make for quite the combo! #conversationswithcolton

Last week, Mom and I took Colton to the playground by mom’s house in Maryland.  Colton doubted my ability to survive the zip line so I said: “your mama jumped out of a plane she can handle the zip line.”

Random Kid to me: You jumped out of a plane? Wow You are a Bad A$$.  

(he said the word 😂 we don’t condone profanity in our house)

Me: Yes I am! 

(I said it proudly forgetting that I was trying to impress an 11 ish year old.)

Colton: A$$ is a bad word.

Me: yes it is don’t ever say it.

Random Kid: A$$, A$$, A$$

(I bet he’s super fun at home).

Me: in an attempt to deflect from the situation I threw myself down that zip line (like a Bad A$$ if I do say so myself.)

SEE HERE IS THE PROOF!  I cropped the little random boy out of the photo ha ha ha how fun that he was in it!! #thanksmom

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Colton and I were in Target.  I asked an employee for help finding something and Colton randomly busts out with: “Did you know my Mom is a Bad ASS chick?” to which the employee responded with “I did not.”  Which led to an even longer discussion about the word ASS and how it’s related to a donkey’s butt because that was the clear direction to take…and ended with don’t ever say that again! 

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

But this got me thinking about Conversations with Colton-the book I wrote, and how skydiving was the catalyst to introduce the book!!! And since the “A$$ conversation” was so fun 😳 and about skydiving…I figured I would share with YOU part of the introduction to the book!

I present to you-the beginning of “Conversations with Colton” 

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“As the plane reached ten thousand feet, I knew my options were limited. Either I would willingly jump, or the man attached to my back was going to push me out. Skydiving is a lot like faith. In fact, skydiving is taking a leap of faith. Both skydiving and faith involve complete trust in something or someone when the outcome isn’t known and cannot be predicted. 

I had faith when I jumped out of that perfectly good airplane. I had faith that the trainer was strapped to my back; God bless his messy heart, he was still wearing his pajamas, but still I had faith he checked the equipment. (Side note: this was the guy I trusted with my life).  I had faith he was qualified and prepared to open the parachute and land us safely on the ground. 


Faith, like skydiving, is not jumping in blind, rather you are making an informed decision based on research and circumstances. I’ve struggled with this comparison over the years.  How could I so willingly have jumped out of that plane but, but when faced with a personal “storm” (a traumatic pregnancy with my son), I felt like my faith was wavering. I felt guilty and like I should have been stronger. I didn’t feel 100 percent peaceful in the storm. 

One day I decided to stop beating myself up for receiving a miracle and not having “big” faith. I also learned a valued lesson. We all handle situations differently. The situations we are placed in are all part of our story. The thing is,: just because I felt like my faith was wavering it doesn’t necessarily mean that was the case. Your faith doesn’t have to be big, it just must be present. I now know that my faith was still present……”

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I go on a bit more and lead into chapter 1 of the book and when I tell you what I started to write and what I ended up writing are two totally different things-I’M NOT LYING.I can’t wait for you to read the rest!!!   Truth is life is just a bunch of stories.  A new day is a new chapter.  The past doesn’t predict the future! We are all made of stories and I can’t wait to share more of Colton’s with YOU! Let’s stay in touch! Sign up for our newsletter here:



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