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Conversations With Colton is a non fiction story of Fear, Faith, and Doubt.

After suffering a miscarriage and a cancer diagnosis, finding out I was pregnant was an incredible miracle. But what happened next put my faith to the test, more so than the previous trials. How do you keep having faith when you are caught in a “storm?” Conversations with Colton will explore just that! 

In the news:

Women’s Journal Article

Julie Catania-Shady: A Journey of Fear, Faith, and Fearless Motherhood in Conversations With Colton

It is an honor to have Conversations With Colton featured in the Women’s Journal.  This publication is an online magazine for women; by women. 
Here’s a little snippet:
“Equipped with a sense of emotion-evoking storytelling, Catania-Shady nudges readers to question their instinctual preference between fear and faith when the sea of life gets stormy.” 

Check out the full article here: ⬇️

ReaderHouse Author Roundtable interview

My very 1st podcast interview aired! 🎙   It was such a fun experience! Many thanks to  ReaderHouse Author Roundtable and host Cory Graham for the opportunity to talk about my “baby” figuratively and literally! 
I was asked if I had any more books in the works….if you have 5 minutes listen to find out.  😮

Authority Magazine

So excited to share with you an interview I did with Authority Magazine on the social impact of authors! ✍️ 📚 The questions were fun! I love talking.
I gave the following quote, but the message’s premise applies to all avenues of LIFE!
“Write the Words You Are Afraid to Write- The more you run from what your heart is telling you to write the harder it will be! Do it SCARED! I wanted to write a light-hearted comical read and ran from my exploration of faith. The truth is I would have saved so much time if I just addressed my fears head-on.”
Check it out here! ⬇️

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