Your faith just has to be present

I love a good dictionary definition, SOOO FAITH-here goes: The dictionary definition of faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  If I had my way, I would add to that and say that,

Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something when the outcome is not known and can’t be predicted.  

Faith is trust in something that cannot be seen.  

Having faith in someone or something that can’t be seen is HARD, especially as an adult, but what about for kids? Well, kids trust their parents. They believe what they are told by an authoritative figure. Having faith as a child is a direct representation of the beliefs presented instill in their kids. I love this topic!

Although, the Bible never specifically uses the phrase “child-like faith,” it has a lot to say about faith, and children and implies child-like faith is real. Having faith like a child is hard work for adults! Children often have very little control over their lives but put a lot of trust in the people around them: parents, teachers, coaches, and grandparents.

I don’t love a sports analogy but here goes…faith is a lot like cheering for your dad’s favorite football team. Confused yet? Let me explain: My husband, Chris grew up rooting for his dad’s favorite teams, and likewise, Colton now roots for Chris’s favorite teams. He doesn’t question his daddy, asking, “Why do we like them?” He trusts his father at face value. Children often trust easily without doubt or fear. They don’t question every little thing.

Another example: My parents saw David Copperfield in Las Vegas, and at the magic show, Copperfield did some amazing magic tricks. My dad spent a significant amount of time analyzing and trying to figure out how the several of the tricks were done. My dad is an adult who knows that magic isn’t real. But if you show a child a magic trick, they get so excited and don’t spend time analyzing if it was real or how it was done; they just believe. Am I making sense yet? 

Most adults don’t put their trust in people easily.  In several ways, this is beneficial to keep us (the adults) from being hurt. But in other ways, it’s harmful and makes it hard to submit to childlike faith. Another reason child-like faith is real:

Children are naturally curious. I’m confident in telling you, my child asks one thousand questions a day. Seriously though, researchers have found that curious children ask seventy-three questions a day, and one-half of which parents have a hard time answering. That makes me feel so good to hear because I struggle answering my child’s questions. I can’t imagine living in a day where I didn’t have google or Alexa to turn to.  When it’s all said and done, children will trust the answer they receive at face value from someone they trust. 

I have never tried to “teach faith” to my son per say, but I live it.

That is the example I set for him.  He already has faith and when I can point that out to him, I do.

In September of 2022 we had a conversation that has stuck with me. Conversations with Colton at bedtime are my favorite.  He always wants to chat before bed.  It’s probably to avoid sleep, but I’ll take it because I know he won’t want his mommy laying in his bed, chatting about the day. Colton loves school and learning, and one evening, he was telling me what he learned in school.    

Colton: Mom, a noun is a person, place, or thing! A lamp is a noun because it’s a thing. When are we scared and walking through a field alone, and Jesus shines a light on our path, is that type of light a noun?   


Me: Before we get into whether that light is a noun, let me ask you, what do you mean about Jesus shining a light on a dark path?    

Colton: You know you never have to be scared. Jesus is there, making the dark paths bright, so you won’t be scared.    

Me: Ah, I love that so much, Colton. You are exactly right! We put our trust in Jesus, and there is no reason to be anxious or afraid. How do you know Jesus will shine the light? 

Colton: I just trust that he will.

Me: You have faith!

Colton: So, is that kind of light a noun?          

I’m not sure if he was trying to speak metaphorically or if he believes Jesus really shines a flashlight down from heaven so we just went with, “yes, that kind of light is a noun.” His example is so perfect.  We shouldn’t be worried or afraid because God is with us. He already gets it! So as his mama, I will continue to affirm it’s real and that’s how he will grow into a strong man filled with faith. And as adults it’s important to remember-you don’t have to have BIG faith; your faith just has to be present!  

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